Computer Engineer experienced and interested in Software Engineering and Machine Learning.


Web Development Internship

Unimed Manaus (Aug/2015 - Jun/2016)

  • Develop new systems and maintain/modify existing ones
  • Manipulate intranet web systems
  • Create data reports for analysts using SQL scripts

Software Developer

Buritech (Aug/2018 - May/2019)

  • Develop and maintain mobile applications (Android), WebApps (Angular) and APIs (Node.js)

Data Scientist

Buritech (Jun/2019 - Jul/2020)

  • Credit score prediction for clients that has been inactives for 1 year and are buying back
  • Worked with LightGBM model, feature engineering, model evaluation, data visualisation and analysis

QA Engineer

INDT (Oct/2020 - Present)

  • Member of the Motorola's AIQA team, developing QA solutions for machine learning software modules


Uninorte Laureate Universities (Jan/2014 - Dez/2018)

  • Computer Engineering graduate

Embrapa AmazĂ´nia Ocidental (Nov/2017 - Jul/2018)

  • Developing mobile solutions concerning agriculture:
  • Soil granulometry analisys;
  • Cronology of the management activities;
  • Production costs for crops.

Federal University of Amazonas (Jan/2019 - May/2020 - Not finished)

  • Masters course in the field of Computer Vision and Deep Learning